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Our Sea: Secrets of the Infinite Sea
Lily Abichahine
Lecture Performance
February 22, 2023 - February 23, 2023

“On travelling”, “On occult beliefs”, “On liver reading”, “On scriptures” … Lily Abichahine takes us on a unique journey in “Our Sea: Secrets of the Infinite Sea”, a lecture performance on Wednesday 22 of February 2023 in Arabic and on Thursday 23 in English, 8:30 PM at Mina Image Centre.

Having grown up on the shores of the Mediterranean, Lily Abichahine leads the project Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) following residencies held in several Mediterranean cities. In her work, Abichahine contemplates the myth-like realities of these cities and the fundamental expression of their collective unconscious. Through confronting the realities of these geographies, she refers to their myths to reinterpret them on stage. She also traces a connection between these cities, reminding us of the invisible links lying between Mediterranean contexts.

Choreography for a Woman and a Stone was the first chapter of a series of explorations held between the cities of Palermo and Beirut in 2021. The artist explored the myth of Sisyphus, putting into perspective the cycles of stone observed through the constructions, deconstructions, and ruins of both Lebanese and Italian landscapes.

In the second chapter entitled Secrets of the Infinite Sea, and after two residencies in Izmir and Marseille in 2022, the artist tackles the myth of Prometheus. In this work, she transforms herself into a contemporary haruspex and questions her own fears in parallel to migration flows in the Mediterranean Sea from ancient to contemporary times, offering her audience a reading of the future that mixes facts with dark humor through text, video, and sound.

Free Entrance – Booking required at: info@minaimagecentre.org

Wednesday February 22, 2023 & Thursday February 23, 2023

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