Film Screening  ■  عرض فيلم
7:00 pm19:00

Film Screening ■ عرض فيلم

"استعادة" فيلم لكمال الجعفري

دخول مجاني

"Recollection" a film by Kamal Aljafari

Free entrance

Aljafari removed all protagonists from the original footage, leaving the people who appear in the margins and an empty setting formed by the town - once the Cultural and Trade Centre of Palestine which was changed beyond recognition in the course of the 1948 war. This innovative filmmaking technique turns lost memories into cinematic poetry.

Kamal Aljafari is an experimental Palestinian filmmaker born in Ramle in Palestine in 1972. He attended the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and now lives in Berlin, Germany. He was the Benjamin White Whitney fellow at Harvard University through 2009. He taught filmmaking in New York، and in September 2011 he became a senior lecturer at Berlin. Kamal Aljafari’s filmography includes ‘Recollection’ (2015), ‘Port of Memory’ (2009) and ‘The Roof’ (2006).

يمحو الجعفري الشخصيات الرئيسية من اللقطات الأصلية، بينما يبقي على الشخصيات الهامشية ليغدو ما كان في السابق المركز التجاري والثقافي لفلسطين ساحة فارغة تغيرت معالمها بالكامل بعد حرب الـ ١٩٤٨. إن هذه التقنية المبتكرة لصناعة الأفلام تحول الذكريات المفقودة إلى شعر سينمائي.

كمال الجعفري هو مخرج فلسطيني ولد في الرملة في فلسطين سنة ١٩٧٢. درس في أكاديمية الفنون في مدينة كولونيا وهو يعيش حاليا في برلين. حصل سنة ٢٠٠٩على منحة زمالة لسنة في جامعة "هارفارد". كما عمل كأستاذ جامعي في مجال صناعة الأفلام في نيويورك، ثم انتقل في ٢٠١١ إلى برلين ليعمل كمحاضر جامعي. من أفلامه "استعادة" (٢٠١٥) و"ميناء الذاكرة" (٢٠٠٩)، والسطح (٢٠٠٦).

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Immersive Audiovisual Installation by Ayman Nahle and Escalier 301B  ■  تجربة حسية سمعية- بصرية لدرج 301 ب وأيمن نحلة
8:00 pm20:00

Immersive Audiovisual Installation by Ayman Nahle and Escalier 301B ■ تجربة حسية سمعية- بصرية لدرج 301 ب وأيمن نحلة


The Beirut Art Residency and Living Room Sessions are pleased to present an AUDIO-VISUAL experience at Mina Image Centre.

انضموا إلينا في تجربة حسية (سمعية- بصرية) مع الفنان البصري أيمن نحلة ودرج ٣٠١ ب (تعاون بين زياد مكرزل على السينثيسيزر وأكرم الحج على الدرامز).

سعر البطاقة: ١٠$

Come join us for an immersive multimedia experience with Ayman Nahle behind the visuals and Escalier 301 B featuring Ziad Moukarzel on Modular Synthesizer and Akram Hajj on drums.

Entrance fee USD10 

Ayman Nahle
Nahle is a filmmaker, Cinematographer,Video artist based in Lebanon.worked on numerous experimental, documentary and fiction films since 2007. Combining his experience in the filmmaking with his interest for electronic and experimental music. His work is focused on the creation of organic film images made of little details and patterns, that translate audio signals into visual images. Archive images, Founded images, Glitch art, generative art, audio-reactivity and abstraction are the main fields in which he operates. His works can be found on his vimeo page.

Escalier 301B
Escalier 301B is the collaboration between drummer Akram Hajj(Kinematik) and electronic musician Ziad M. Moukarzel, started in summer 2018 and based on an indie electronica setup between a modular synthesizer and an acoustic drum set, producing landscapes of sounds, and resulting in styles ranging from groovy krautrock to rocking electro. 

Beirut Art Residency

The Beirut Art Residency is a nonprofit, artist-run interdisciplinary space. Our artist-in-residence program aims to stimulate creativity through interaction with the local environment, artists and cultural institutions, and seeks to foster cross-cultural relations between participants and the local artistic community in Beirut.

Living Room Sessions

The Living Room Sessions allows you to get up close and personal with performers of live electronic music and artists. Watch established and upcoming talents and feel like you’re chilling in your own Living Room.

Thanks for the support of Bombay Sapphire

For more information please email us on or

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“I Stutter When I Speak of Love and Death” by Charbel Haber  ■  أتلعثم حين أتكلم عن الحب والموت لِشربل هبر
9:30 pm21:30

“I Stutter When I Speak of Love and Death” by Charbel Haber ■ أتلعثم حين أتكلم عن الحب والموت لِشربل هبر


“I Stutter When I Speak of Love and Death” is a live music performance by Charbel Haber.

entrance fee USD10

Charbel Haber is a Lebanese musician, performer & composer, and he is co-founder and member of longstanding Lebanese post-rock, Scrambled Eggs. Haber’s work encompasses a wide range of disciplines and styles such as film, video art and theatre, both as a solo artist and as a member of Scrambled Eggs, Malayeen, Johnny Kafta, and Good Luck in Death. 

«أتلعثم حين أتكلم عن الحب والموت» عرض موسيقي أدائي لشربل هبر

سعر البطاقة: ١٠$

شربل هبر، هو موسيقي لبناني، وفنان أدائي ومؤلف موسيقي.

For more info, call us: 00961-81-281670

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