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“I Stutter When I Speak of Love and Death” by Charbel Haber ■ أتلعثم حين أتكلم عن الحب والموت لِشربل هبر


“I Stutter When I Speak of Love and Death” is a live music performance by Charbel Haber.

entrance fee USD10

Charbel Haber is a Lebanese musician, performer & composer, and he is co-founder and member of longstanding Lebanese post-rock, Scrambled Eggs. Haber’s work encompasses a wide range of disciplines and styles such as film, video art and theatre, both as a solo artist and as a member of Scrambled Eggs, Malayeen, Johnny Kafta, and Good Luck in Death. 

«أتلعثم حين أتكلم عن الحب والموت» عرض موسيقي أدائي لشربل هبر

سعر البطاقة: ١٠$

شربل هبر، هو موسيقي لبناني، وفنان أدائي ومؤلف موسيقي.

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